Helping to generate
your effectiveness and success
via knowledge about
the functioning of the brain

Brainess Academy is the authors’ project on enhancing of intellectual potential and personal efficiency.

The project was launched as a challenge due to global Informatization, automation and robotization of the processes surrounding society. The aim of the project is to help each person to become a "Human 4.0" and win the competition in the era of artificial intelligence through the introduction of brain fitness tools and changes in the four dimensions of human’s nature.


Brain fitness is a complex of measures aimed at maintaining, restoring and improving the human’s brain through changes in lifestyle: in nutrition, physical and mental activity, relaxation and awareness.

The project has two directions:

coaches give lectures, hold seminars and video courses, make diagnostics on paid basis, and
coaches pro bono (free of charge) educate charitable organizations and charitable foundations on neuropsychology of the human.

Brain fitness helps to:

1. Improve self-productivity and neuro-efficiency,
2. Solve any problem and make learning faster and more effective,
3. Introduce healthy habits,
4. increase emotional capital and make any stress manageable,
5. improve memory, concentration, planning, develop other cognitive abilities,
6. develop critical, analytical and creative thinking,
7. create effective teams,
8. form a new type of leadership-neuropsychological ®.
Reasons why you may absolutely trust us:
Business Academy team has already implemented all brain fitness tools and proved their effectiveness, has passed certified training and received the status of brain fitness coaches. The team is engaged in sociological research in the field of brain functioning, is published in well-known publications and media (e.g. Business Journal in Russia). Brain fitness is a hobby for its coaches, thus brain fitness new techniques and tools are actively tested outside of Brainess Academy places (e.g. at basic work).

we practice the concept of "20 minutes": the material is presented in an accessible and understandable way  to any type of audience within the time when the concentration of attention is most active, i.e. within 20 minutes, then the coaches hold discussions, answer questions, work on individual cases.


Instruments of personal effectiveness are revealed exclusively from the point of view of neurobiology - the structure of the brain and its functioning.

Lyaysan Talipova:
  • certified brain fitness coach,
  • has experience in law, non-profit social projects,
  • supervises the charitable (non-profit) direction of the project, gives lectures in English and Russian,
  • her major is work with a large amount of information, information unloading, mindfulness.

Renata Urazaeva:

  • certified brain fitness coach,
  • has experience in finance and public relations,
  • supervises the commercial direction of the brainless academy project, gives lectures in English and Russian,
  • her major is creative thinking, proper and balanced nutrition.